School Based Health Center

Livingston County Public Health Department/Pontiac Township High School

Student Health Center

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Back-to-School Immunization Guidance and Best Practices

Immunization requirement: a meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MCV4) is now a requirement for students entering grades six or 12. Sixth-graders must show proof of one dose of MCV4; 12th-graders must show proof of having received two doses. Students in grade 12 who received the first dose after 16 years of age need only one dose.

Any child entering kindergarten, sixth, seventh, ninth, 10th,or 11th grade for the first time must also show proof of having received two doses of varicella (chickenpox) vaccine.

School Physicals will be billed to insurance.  Co-pays and deductibles are due at the time of service.

School Physical Form

Sports Physical Form

The Health Center also offers the following vaccines: Gardasil, Menactra, & Tdap, others may be available on request.

The Livingston County Public Health Department/Pontiac Township High School Student Health Center is governed by the Livingston County Board of Health and the Advisory Board for the Center.

The goals being addressed are:

  1. Decreasing the absenteeism rate in the school.
  2. Provide early detection of chronic disorders and early treatment of acute health problems.
  3. Provide initial emergency treatment of injuries and illness with appropriate referral.
  4. Detect signs of emotional stress and psycho-social problems for group treatment, individual counseling, or referral.
  5. Provide outreach, advocacy, and education to teens in regards to human sexuality, pregnancy and parenting.
  6. Promote healthy lifestyles by providing education and encouragement on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and other health issues.
  7. Provide interventions for assisting students to decrease smoking and tobacco use.
  8. Monitor medical records for documentation of items on state audit form.
  9. Increase outreach and parental involvement with students.
  10. Provide for detection of obesity in the student population.

All students must have parental permission to utilize the Health Center, unless it is an emergency, with the nurse practitioner or RN responding to all emergencies. It is fully certified as a School-Based Health Center by the Illinois Department of Human Services, with annual reviews conducted to determine compliance. Some of the mental health services are provided by IHR and ISU doctoral students and are coordinated with the guidance counselors.

Annual Statistics for the School Based Health Center

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