Permanent Food Permit Application

To register for a NEW permanent food permit, please complete the form in FULL, print, and mail with your payment.



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  • Step One

    1. LCHD Logo
      Livingston County Health Department
    2. Application for Food Establishment Permit
    3. I (We) hereby apply for a permit to operated a Food Establishment in Livingston County
    4. Billing Address (if different from above)
    5. Does the establishment do catering or have a delicatessen?
    6. Does the establishment provide retail sale of food (grocery store, convenience mart, drug store, variety store, etc.?)
    7. Please complete the Food Establishment Category Assessment on the next page and return application with appropriate fee to:
    8. Submit Completed Form & Payment

      Once completed, please send completed document and remit payment to: 

      Livingston County Health Department
      310 E Torrance Ave
      Pontiac, Illinois 61764

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    1. Environmental Health

      Mailing Address
      310 E Torrance Avenue
      Pontiac, IL 61764

      Fax: 815-842-4070