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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Form

  1. Freedom of Information (FOIA) Form

    The basic function of the Freedom of Information Act is to ensure informed citizens, vital to the functioning of a democratic society.... More…

Water and Geothermal


    To apply for well construction modification, or abandonment, please complete the following form in FULL, print, and mail to the LCHD... More…

  2. Closed Loop Well System Construction Report (Geothermal)

    Complete and Submit Within 30 days of Geothermal Well Completion

  3. Water Pump Report

    This form must be complete in FULL and submitted within 30 days after a new pump is installed on a well.

  4. Water Well Sealing Plan For Homeowners

    This form must be submitted prior to a potable water well, boring, or monitoring well being sealed. All abandoned water wells must be... More…

  1. Application for Permit to Construct, Modify or Seal a Closed Loop Well System (Geothermal)

    To apply for a permit to construct, modify or seal a closed loop well system (Geothermal).

  2. Surface Water Supply System Permit

    For those wanting to install a surface water supply system. Please complete the enclosed form and return with applicable fee.

  3. Water Well Construction Report

    This form must be completed in FULL within 30 days of constructing, repairing or modifying a water well.